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Preparing your Tax Return

Collect all documents before you start

Be sure you have statements of all your US source income! Most forms are mailed to taxpayers at the end of January and could take a few days to arrive. Start your taxes only when you are sure you have the documents from ALL income sources. Your individual forms will depend on your earnings and activities in the US during the 2016 calendar year. These may include:

W-2: A summary of all wages paid from a single employer and taxes withheld during the previous calendar year. If you worked for multiple US employers during the year (UR, internship, etc.), you will receive a separate W-2 statement from each one. If you selected electronic delivery of your W-2 from the University of Rochester, you will be able to print this form by logging in to your HRMS account (select 'Payroll and Compensation' under the Self-Service menu). Otherwise, this form will be mailed.

1042-S: A summary of US source income specifically for foreign nationals, which can include wages that are exempt from taxes under a treaty, scholarship/fellowship payments, independent services income, and awards or royalties. The 1042-S is not used to report employment income, unless a tax treaty is relevant. If you chose electronic delivery, any Form 1042-S from the University is available in GLACIER. If you received scholarship or fellowship income from another university during the calendar year, you must get this form from that institution directly.

If you receive a Form 1042-S from a bank that has a number less than 10 in Box 2, and 0's in all the other boxes, you need not use it in filing your tax forms with the government. This is simply a form the bank send to let you know that your landlord has put your security deposit in an interest-bearing account, as required by law. You won't receive the interest until you get your security deposit back, so it's not taxable now.

However: If you receive a From 1042-S from a school (including U of R), or from a bank with different numbers than the above, you should use it in filing your taxes. Generally, these forms were already sent out in late January.

1099: A summary of other income, which varies based on the type of transaction. This can include interest earned from a bank account, dividend payments or distributions, proceeds from a real estate transaction, etc. The government does not always require that a Form 1099 be issued, if the income is below a specified dollar amount. Your tax return forms, however, should still list the total earnings and income during the previous calendar year. If you have a US bank account but it earned less than $10 in interest, the bank will not send a Form 1099 and you don't have to report the interest on your tax return.


Plan ahead to ensure that you can file on time

Tax returns must be postmarked by April 18th. However, GLACIER Tax Prep is used by thousands of people and can get extremely slow leading up to that deadline, especially in mid-April. Don't wait until the last minute to prepare your tax forms! If, for some reason, you do not submit your tax return before the deadline, it's better to send them late than not to send them at all.

Professional tax preparation by off-campus providers (fees apply)

Each year, some students decide to hire a professional tax preparer to file their taxes. This is especially helpful for students who are unable to use GLACIER Tax Prep or have more complicated tax needs to address before filing their forms. These services are available for a fee, but several providers are able to offer a discount to UR students. 

H & R Block (ask for Non-resident Tax Specialist)
Discounts are available for students with a University of Rochester ID card.
921 Genesee Street, 585-436-0763
     1000 Hylan Drive, 585-424-2320
     1900 S. Clinton Ave., 585-242-7820
    Other locations may be available, without discount.

Welker & Co. CPA
Discounts are available for returning clients.
     225 Tech Park Drive, 585-271-1040

Many students also choose to complete their own tax forms!

  • Federal Forms (IRS) - for all sources of U.S. income
    • To find forms and publications, visit
    • For professional advice on filing your forms, call 1-800-829-1040
  • State Forms - depending on which state where income was earned
    • New York State - Call 1-800-225-5829;
    • Other States - Contact each state's Department of Taxation and Revenue or do an internet search with the state named and 'income tax forms'
  • IRS & NY tax agencies are available at local government offices to offer assistance


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