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Visiting Canada

Given our proximity to the northern border, many members of our international population choose to visit Canada at some point during their time in Rochester.  Before traveling, please check whether a visitor visa will be required for your entry, depending on your citizenship.  If possible, it is usually easiest to apply for those visas in your home country before arriving in Rochester.  Additionally, you will need to have valid U.S. documentation for your return, including an unexpired visa stamp or eligibility for Automatic Revalidation.


Canadian Visas

The visitor visa to Canada can be issued for single or multiple entry.  This does not refer to how often you can use the visa, but the number of countries from which you can travel to Canada.  If you will use the visa to go from the U.S. to Canada, this would be a single entry visa.  If you want the flexibility to travel from the U.S. AND your home country, or elsewhere, you will need a multiple entry visa.  The visa remains valid for the dates issued, even if you have used it previously.

If you need to apply for the Canadian visa within the U.S., you may apply online.  Please be sure to plan ahead and check processing times for the visa for which you plan to apply!  Citizens from 29 countries and 1 territory will need to provide biometrics (fingerprints and photographs).  If you are required to provide biometrics, you will receive a biometric instruction letter by mail or email after your application is received.  You will have to visit your nearest Application Support Centre (ACS) to submit your biometrics.  Please note, the nearest centre to the University of Rochester is in Buffalo, New York.

The application requires evidence of your activities at the University, such as full-time enrollment or active employment, etc.  Please obtain a copy of your University transcript or a letter from your department for the application.  Full-time students may also request an Enrollment Verification Letter from their University Registrar.  For more information and instructions, please access the appropriate site below:

River Campus (including Arts & Sciences, Hajim, and Warner)
Simon School of Business
School of Medicine and Dentistry
Eastman School of Music
School of Nursing