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Domestic Travel Within the United States

International students and scholars should always carry their University ID card, current immigration documents, passport, and I-94 when traveling domestically.

This is especially important if you plan to use public transportation by airplane, train, or bus. Since other parts of the country may be less familiar with the University of Rochester, you may be asked to show your valid immigration status, as if you were traveling overseas.

Travel In and Around the Rochester Area

If you are traveling within the city of Rochester or surrounding areas, ISO recommends that you have your University ID, passport, and I-94 card with you. These documents show your legal entry to the United States and identify your current immigration status. 

If you are not comfortable carrying these original documents on a regular basis, especially since they are complicated and costly to replace, you may want to carry only your ID and a photocopy of your current I-94 card. However, the originals must be in a secure place where someone could locate and access them on your behalf, in case they are required.

Given Rochester's proximity to the Canadian border, the US Border Patrol is typically active in this area. During your time at Rochester, a border patrol agent may ask for evidence of your legal immigration status. Officers routinely ask for citizenship status and immigration documents of individuals in the community. This is especially true near transportation hubs, including the Rochester airport, train and bus stations.

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