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Current ISO Student News

Issue 16: May 15, 2019



Table of Contents

  1. "ISO Student News" Takes a Vacation, but ISO in College Town is Open All Summer! (more)
  2. Address Reporting and Departure Form (more)
  3. OPT Reporting and Extensions (more)
  4. Global Photo Contest: Submissions for the International Studetn Photo Contest Needed (more)
  5. Recent Scam: Calls from The Social Security Administration (more)
  6. Mindful University Project: Interest Survey (more)
  7. Summer Services and Activities at the University of Rochester (more)
  8. Campus Focus: Congratulations Graduates!! (more)



"ISO Student News" Takes a Vacation, but ISO in College Town is Open All Summer!

ISO Student News will be taking a vacation this summer season!  This will be your last regular ISO Newsletter for the 2018-2019 academic year. Bi-weekly newsletters will resume in September 2019.  Please note that the ISO at College Town (40 Celebration Drive, Suite 100) will maintain normal business hours during the summer, with the exception of University holidays. Normal office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Walk-in hours will continue to be held between 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. ISO satellite hours in 213 Morey Hall and at the Eastman School of Music will not be held during the summer. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.



Address Reporting and Departure Form

All F-1 and J-1 students are required to report a new US residential, mailing, or permanent foreign address within 10 days of any change. By using the University systems, the ISO will be notified of the change and be able to forward this information to SEVIS, in compliance with US government reporting requirements. Your address information should be updated as often as necessary to make sure that your US address information is current. Even if your address is only temporary (due to an extended vacation, authorized off-campus internship, In Absentia, etc.), these changes must be reported within the 10 day period allowed.  

For updates to your US residential or mailing address, please use the appropriate online registration tool for your UR division.

Simon School of Business: - Select "Registrar", "Student Information System", and "Change My Addresses" (under Quick Links)

All other UR Divisions:

Graduates pursuing Post-Completion work authorization: 
These reporting tools will NOT make updates to your records in HRMSGLACIER, or UR Bursar's Office (for billing).  You must access these systems or contact the appropriate offices separately to make those address changes.

Please use the ISO's online Departure Form to notify the ISO that you are departing the United States and/or will no longer maintain your F-1 or J-1 program through the University of Rochester. The reason may include completion of your studies, transfer to another school, leave of absence or early withdrawal, end of post-completion employment, or an approved Change of Status to another immigration category. Some of these actions require additional forms. Please DO NOT use the departure form to report a temporary trip home or vacation from UR! This form is for notification purposes and other documentation may be required before the ISO can take action. Please review the following forms and information, as needed:

SEVIS Immigration Transfer
Extend/Shorten Program Completion Date
Temporary Leave of Absence
F-1 & J-1 Grace Periods

The Student Departure Form will notify only the ISO. Please make sure to contact any other University offices that may need to be aware of your departure, such as University Health Services, Residential Life, GLACIER tax software, etc.



OPT Reporting and Extensions

If you are currently approved for F-1 Optional Practical Training, you are required to report your employment and address information to the ISO throughout the authorization period. Please use the applicable OPT reporting form, available online. Any changes must be reported within 10 days. You may report activities as employment for OPT purposes when they are directly related to your field of study and meet a minimum total of at least 20 hours per week. You may work with multiple employers with your OPT permission.

Some students may be eligible for an extension of their OPT work authorization. If you have been sponsored for the H-1B Temporary Worker category, please provide this information in the H-1B Application Reporting Form. This application may qualify you for an automatic OPT Cap Gap Extension. You will not receive an updated EAD card with your extended employment dates, but the ISO is able to issue a new I-20 documenting your authorization. Additional information on the Cap Gap Extension is online. If you are eligible and would like to apply for the STEM Extension to your OPT, please review the information online and contact the ISO to schedule a phone appointment at 585-275-2866 to discuss any questions you may have.


Global Photo Contest: Submissions for the International Student Photo Contest Needed

Attention Photography Enthusiasts: Got a cool photo from this past year at UR? Are you traveling this summer either home, around the world, or around the US? Take photos and plan to submit your photos to the International Student Photo Contest!

With support from the Office for Global Engagement, ISO is partnering with Education Abroad & Communications to host a Global Photo Contest for both Returning Study Abroad Students and UR’s International Students. This contest will be open in early September 2019.

Submissions should be photos from this past academic year (Fall 2018, Winter/Spring 2019, Summer 2019), and prizes will be awarded in all categories. Categories include: UR Experience; International Culture; US Sightseeing; Local Rochester Culture; Most Epic Selfie; and Community Vote.

Further updates are coming soon on the ISO website with links and details for the Global Photo Contest! Please contact Elisabeth with questions at



Recent Scam: Calls from The Social Security Administration

The ISO continues to receive reports that international students have been the victim or target of various scams.  These utilize a wide range of strategies and scenarios designed for students to send money or share personal information with the scammers. The most recent scam includes calls and/or voicemails from individuals pretending to be from The Social Security Administration (SSA), using threatening language and particularly saying that the student will be arrested or deported if they do not make an immediate over-the-phone payment.

Please USE CAUTION when pursuing opportunities or inquiries with unknown individuals! For threatening claims about your immigration, social security number, or tax status, keep in mind that legitimate government officials will NEVER demand immediate action over the telephone or deny you the option of consulting ISO, an attorney, or other source of support.

For incidents happening at the University, the Department of Public Safety will continue to investigate these situations. Please contact them at 585-275-3333 for guidance. For other reporting purposes, please consider reviewing the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information through this online post, or notifying law enforcement when appropriate.




Mindful University Project: Interest Survey

The Mindful University Project is a University-wide collaboration to create a culture of mindfulness for a campus community that is ever better. They offer a variety of meditation workshops, mindful educational sessions, and retreats throughout the academic year. They have had more than 500 students, faculty, and staff members participate so far in 2019! As this organization begins their planning for next year’s programs, they would love to hear your thoughts and other input. Please complete this brief interest survey to indicate what you’d like to see implemented next.



Summer Services and Activities at the University of Rochester

Are you staying in Rochester for the summer? Follow the University of Rochester Summer Sessions on Facebook to learn about fun things to do on and off-campus throughout the summer! For information about summer services at the University of Rochester, please visit (Campus Life). 



Campus Focus: Congratulations Graduates!!

Congratulations to our many upcoming University of Rochester graduates this year!! With upcoming graduation festivities, we hope you will enjoy the celebrations with family and friends and take pride in your many accomplishments. The ISO wishes you well in your next steps after graduation as well. As always, please let us know if there is anything ISO can do to assist you!


Editor: Molly Murray, Immigration Advisor