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Current J-1 Scholars

For a J-1 scholar maintaining J status correctly, they may, under specific circumstances, have the option to extend the program or transfer the program to another institution.  A scholar may also end the program early if necessary, or bring in J-2 dependents who did not arrive with the J-1 initially.

Extending a J-1 scholar program

Extensions of a J program may be granted if the scholar needs additional time to accomplish their original program objective(s), has not exceeded the time limit of their J category and they are able to meet the funding and insurance requirements for themselves and any J-2 dependents.

At least two (2) months before the end date on your current Form DS-2019, you and your department must initiate and submit your extension request through the J-1 Scholar Extension Form. J-1 scholars should consult their department if they wish to request an extension.

Note:  Extending the J-1 principal's form DS-2019 will automatically extend the form DS-2019(s) for any accompanying J-2 dependent(s). The extension process including obtaining a new DS-2019 must be completed before the end date as noted on the current DS-2019.

After discussion with the ISO to determine if this is the appropriate course of action, please submit the following form (checklist enclosed in form): 

J-1 Scholar Extension Form

Bringing dependents in J-2 visa status

Only the spouse and children of the J-1 principal are eligible for the J-2 visa status.  The minimum amount of financial support required for each J-2 dependent is currently an additional $500 per person, per month.  This figure does not include the cost of health insurance which, for a family, can be very expensive if health insurance will not be provided to the J-1 principal as a benefit of their appointment.

Please use the following: 

J-1 Scholar Dependent Questionnaire (one per dependent)

Transferring a J-1 scholar out of the University of Rochester

If a J-1 scholar has been offered an appointment at another institution, they should contact an ISO Scholar Services advisor immediately to confirm their eligibility to transfer and for coordination of the transfer. The J-1 should also discuss their plans with an international advisor at the new institution. The transfer is processed through an update in the J-1 scholar's Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) record and must be completed before the end date noted at the current DS-2019. 

Leaving the UR

Each J-1 scholar is required to complete and submit to the ISO a Scholar Departure Form before they make their final departure from the University. You are also responsible to notify the ISO if your J-2 dependent(s) has made their final departure from the US. This update can be made by sending an update to