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Health Care Services at the University

University Health Service (UHS)

University Health Service provides a full-range of confidential, high-quality primary health care services for all full-time students and for members of the University community who choose a health care provider at UHS.

Patients come to UHS for the treatment of illnesses and injuries, management of ongoing medical problems, preventive medical care, and care and advice for any health concern.  Visits to UHS are completely confidential. The UHS clinical staff includes registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians, all of whom have a special interest in the care and treatment of students and other members of the University community.

UHS’s services include:

  • Primary care with physicians and nurse practitioners
  • Treatment for illnesses and injuries
  • Management of ongoing medical problems
  • Preventive health care and health education
  • Available prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines for purchase
  • Health Information Phone Line
  • Flu vaccination clinics

University Counseling Center (UCC)

The University Counseling Center provides services to full-time students who pay the mandatory student health fee. Therapy is available for a variety of problems, including anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, family problems, grief, school related problems, and general discomfort about what's happening in a person's life, among many other sorts of difficulties.

UCC’s services include:

  • Time-limited individual and couples therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Medication management
  • 24-hour crisis services
  • Consultation
  • Educational presentation

UR Medicine Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

UR Medicine EAP provides confidential and immediate help with a range of problems that can affect you or your family member's ability to cope effectively at home or at work. Employees of the University (e.g., faculty, postdoctoral appointees, staff) are all eligible to use EAP's specialized services.