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Insurance Requirements for Full-Time Students

All full-time students at the University of Rochester are eligible for insurance through the University Health Service and must meet specific UHS requirements. Students must participate in the Student Health Plan each year. All incoming students must submit the Health History Form and complete immunization requirements prior to enrollment (visit the UHS website on Information for Incoming Students for details).


Student Health Plan

The Student Health Plan has two parts: 1) Mandatory health fee, and 2) Health insurance.

  • Mandatory Health Fee covers the cost of visits to the University Health Service and the University Counseling Center for the year and is charged to your student billing statement. All full-time students pay this fee, regardless of whether they enroll for University-sponsored insurance. This fee cannot be waived.
  • Health Insurance is required of all full-time students and must meet University criteria. Students can enroll in the University-sponsored health insurance plan or may apply to waive UR insurance if they have comparable coverage. Most international-based insurance plans generally do not meet University criteria, so please check the plan details carefully before making any purchase. All full-time students must complete the online Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver Process every year. For more information, please visit the UHS Insurance Information page or contact the UHS Insurance Advisor.