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Alternative Insurance Options

Most international students and scholars are eligible to participate in University of Rochester health insurance plans, through either University Health Service (UHS) or the Human Resources Benefits Office.

Enrollment is usually available to full-time students and employees. If available, it should be pursued, as it is often the most comprehensive and cost effective option. However, not all academic programs and work positions at the University are able to provide insurance. For personal eligibility information, contact your department directly.

If you are ineligible for University health insurance coverage, you may be required to buy health insurance on your own.

Reminder: J-1 Exchange Visitors (both students and scholars) are responsible for having continuous health, medical evacuation, and repatriation insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents, meeting minimum J-1 insurance requirements, for the duration of their stay in the US, in order to maintain their immigration status.

Alternative Options

Other health insurance options include policies from the following organizations:

Research and compare each policy carefully. The least expensive plan is usually NOT the best value and may not cover typical health care expenses while you are in the US. Ask questions and understand your policy before you buy it.