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Shopping in Rochester

There are plenty of options for shopping in Rochester!  Depending on your needs and location, you may prefer retailers that offer a variety of goods under one roof or specialty stores that have a more limited focus on particular services or products.  If transportation is a concern, you should consider which stores are within walking distance or accessible using the University shuttle system.  The selection of stores here is geared toward the most common shopping areas in Rochester, but is certainly not a complete list!  For more, you may want to search Shopping on Rochester Wiki.

Grocery Stores  |  Specialty Markets  |  Farmer’s Markets
Chain Stores & Bulk Foods  |  Consumer Goods


Grocery Stores

These are a common shopping place for food items, including fresh produce, meats, and breads, along with canned, frozen, and prepared foods. Groceries also carry other household products for personal hygiene, cleaning, and seasonal needs. Many stores also have a pharmacy for prescription drugs and consultation on minor health concerns.

  • Wegmans (Local grocery chain with flagship store in Pittsford)
       -  3195 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY 14618
       -  2599 West Henrietta Road, Rochester NY 14623
       -  1750 East Avenue, Rochester NY 14610
  • Tops Friendly Markets (Standard supermarket chain)
       -  1900 S. Clinton Avenue, Brighton NY 14618
       -  175 Winton Road, Rochester NY 14610
       -  1100 Jefferson Road, Henrietta NY 14623
       -  2345 Buffalo Road, Gates, NY 14624
  • ALDI (Discount retailer with focus on staple goods; no pharmacy) 
       -  615 Jefferson Road, Henrietta NY 14623
       -  48 Spencerport Road, Gates NY 14606
       -  400 Lake Avenue, Rochester NY 14608

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Specialty Markets

These stores offer a variety of foods and goods, specializing in a particular area such as an ethnic cuisine, organic/local produce, or specific items like meats & seafood.

  • Asia Market: 3047 W. Henrietta Road #12, Rochester NY 14623
  • Asian Food Market: 1885 Brighton-Henrietta Town Line Road, Henrietta NY 14623
  • Chang’s Oriental Food Store: 1867 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester NY 14620
  • Hikari Foods and Grocery: 1667 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester NY 14620
  • Lee’s Oriental Food: 900 Jefferson Road, Suite 1-1, Rochester NY 14623
  • Ocean Garden: 971 S. Clinton Ave, Rochester NY 14620
  • India House: 999 Clinton Avenue, Rochester NY 14620
  • India Market: 3259 S. Winton Road, Rochester NY 14623
  • Namaste: 3131 W. Henrietta Road, Rochester NY 14623
  • Halal Market and Meats: 311 E. Ridge Road, Rochester NY 14621
  • Istanbul Market: 1388 Norton Street, Rochester NY 14621
  • Main & Scio Food Market: 511 E. Main Street, Rochester NY 14604
  • European Meat Products and Deli: 1325 Hudson Avenue, Rochester NY 14621
  • Saray European Foods: 696 Ridge Road, Webster NY 14580
  • Olindo’s: 1510 Lyell Ave, Rochester NY 14606
  • Roxolana’s Grocery and Deli: 2286 E. Main Street, Rochester NY 14617
  • Polska Chata: 32 Vinedale Avenue, Rochester NY 14622
  • Abundance Cooperative Market: 62 Marshall Street, Rochester NY 14607
  • Lori's Natural Foods: 900 Jefferson Road, Rochester NY 14623
  • Mise En Place Market: 683 South Ave, Rochester NY 14620
  • Alice's Market: 1477 South Avenue, Rochester NY 14620
  • D & L Groceries: 1005 Genesee Street, Rochester NY 14611
  • Palmer's Meat & Seafood Market: 900 Jefferson Road, Rochester NY 14623
  • Palermo's Meat & Food Market: 3259 S. Winton Road, Henrietta NY 14467
  • Pittsford Seafood Market: 510 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY 14607

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Farmer's Markets

Western New York has a strong agricultural presence, with many local farms, dairies, and local food producers. The Farmer's Markets allow these farms to bring their goods to a central and more convenient location for buyers. Most markets are only open during the peak growing season, May/June through September/October, and will usually operate during specific days and hours of the week.

  • Rochester Public Market: 280 N. Union Street, Rochester NY 14609
    The Public Market is located in downtown Rochester and has been operational at its current site since 1905. Vendors are open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends, though Saturday tends to offer the most selection. Fresh foods, ethnic delicacies and specialty items are offered at bargain prices, though it can be a little crowded. Be sure to shop around and feel free to negotiate price. Special events are also offered throughout the year, such as 'Flower City Sundays' and 'Community Garage Sales'.
  • Southwedge Farmers Market: 100 Alexander Street, Rochester NY 14620
  • Westside Farmers Market: 831 Genesee Street, Rochester NY 14611
  • Monroe Village Farmers Market: 730 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY 14607
  • Brighton Farmers Market: 1150 S. Winton Road, Rochester NY 14618

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Chain Stores & Bulk Foods

Beyond regular groceries and supermarkets, some chain retailers have begun to offer foods and produce in their stores, as well as everything from clothing, personal & household goods, electronics, linens & bedding, small furniture, office supplies, toys, sporting equipment, and tools. Additionally, some stores operate as discount clubs on bulk merchandise. They often sell foods, household goods, and other select items in larger quantities than you would find at regular stores. This can result in significant savings, but an annual membership fee may be required in order to shop there. UR shuttles are be available for some of these locations:

  • Wal-Mart 
       -  1200 Marketplace Drive, Henrietta NY 14623
       -  2150 Chile Ave, Rochester NY 14624
  • Target 
       -  2325 Marketplace Drive, Henrietta NY 14623
       -  3181 Chili Avenue, Rochester NY 14624
  • Kohl's
       -  3150 W. Henrietta Road, Henrietta NY 14623 
       -  4100 W. Ridge Road, Greece, NY 14616
  • Kmart 
       -  810 Paul Road, Rochester NY 14624
       -  3049 W. Ridge Road, Rochester NY 14626
  • BJ's Wholesale Club
       -  400 Jay Scutti Boulevard, Rochester NY 14623
       -  300 Bellwood Drive, Rochester NY 14606
  • Sam's Club 
       -  1600 Marketplace Drive, Henrietta NY 14623
       -  700 Elm Ridge Center, Greece NY 14626

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Retail Locations

Many retail stores in the U.S. tend to be collected near one another, in traditional malls or shopping plazas. This gives consumers the convenience of visiting several different stores during one trip. Malls are usually indoors of one very large building, while a shopping plaza has a string of stores along a strip of sidewalk. Many malls contain a few major department stores, which offer designated sections for various types of products, and many specialty stores that have a variety of items in a limited range. There are also some neighborhoods in Rochester that are well-known for their shopping and many restaurants. Some of the main shopping areas in our region, some of which are serviced by the University shuttle system, include:

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