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How To Obtain An H-1B Visa Stamp In Your Passport

Travel Permissions and Required Documentation

H-1B temporary workers are permitted to enter the US 10 days prior to the H-1B start date, but may not work until the H-1B start date. If your H-1B visa in your passport has expired or you do not yet have a valid H-1B visa sticker and will need one for your next entry into the US, contact the US Consulate or Embassy closest to your home and complete an application for a nonimmigrant H-1B visa. In order to be able to do this, you should present the following:

  • Valid passport 
  • Complete copy of the H-1B petition (which was filed with USCIS to obtain the approved H-1B) 
  • The original H-1B approval notice (USCIS form I-797) 
  • DS-160 
  • Copies of last two months' pay statements from the University of Rochester, or other proof of payment as applicable 

Information regarding US Embassies and Consulates worldwide can be obtained at web site Always review required documentation for the H-1B visa application at the website of the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where you are applying. Canadians are not required to have a visa to enter the U.S.; instead, present the H-1B Approval Notice and copy of H-1B petition at the border to obtain an H-1B I-94 card.

H-4 Dependents

H-1B temporary workers may submit documentation for their spouse and children to accompany them to the U.S. on H-4 status.