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Understanding the 12 and 24 Month Bars

Two bars should be taken into consideration when developing and/or seeking an appointment at the University of Rochester as a J-1 Professor or J-1 Research Scholar. These are separate from the 2 Year Home Country Residence Requirement. J-1 Short-Term Scholars are not subject to either of the 12 or 24 month bars.

Participation in the Professor or Research Scholar categories is subject to additional conditions unique to these two categories:

12 Month Bar After Previous J Participation

The University is prohibited from issuing a DS-2019 certificate for a participant to begin a new J program with the University in the category of Professor or Research Scholar if the prospective Professor or Research Scholar has been physically present in the J status (including as a J-2 dependent) for greater than 6 months during the 12 month period preceding the proposed new program begin date.

24 Month Bar on Repeat Participation for Research Scholars and Professors

Effective 11/18/2006, J-1 Professors and Research Scholars must wait 2 consecutive years at the completion of their program, regardless of the duration of that program before they can begin a new J-1 Professor or Research Scholar program.  Unlike the 12 month bar, there is no exemption from this rule for a Professor or Research Scholar program that lasts less than 6 months. This rule applies to any exchange visitor whose J program as a Professor or Research Scholar will complete or has completed after 11/18/2006.