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URcompass Client Portal

The ISO is pleased to offer our international students, scholars, employees, and hosting departmental administrators the ability to communicate and submit required documentation to ISO via a secure online platform.

Alert! Due to remote operations required during the COVID-19 pandemic, ISO has launched the URcompass client portal with limited forms and services.  Future development will include additional forms, functionality, and training tools.  We appreciate your patience while we utilize this helpful platform for current business needs.



URcompass can be accessed at The system can be accessed outside the University network, but please note that the URL prefix “https://” is required in order to navigate to the site.

Users are prompted to authenticate using their University NetID; Duo two-factor authentication is not required for this system. If you have graduated and your NetID is deactivated, please contact ISO by email to request temporary permission to login via a personal access code, or PIN.


Tips & Troubleshooting

  • The URL prefix "https://" is required to avoid navigation errors.
  • Use any internet browser or mobile devices. ISO recommends Google Chrome.
  • Secure document uploads to protect personal information. File size limited to 30MB.
  • Integrated mappings to other campus data systems: UR Student & HRMS
  • Please contact ISO with any accessibility challenges you are experiencing.