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URcompass Resources for Department Users

In an effort to streamline and enhance our services, ISO continues to develop new tools and functionality for the URcompass client portal. In working closely with our academic and administrative partners, we will use this page to provide additional training materials and resources to utilize the system.

New Student Intake Forms (NSIF) for 2023-2024

ISO's electronic New Student Intake Forms (NSIF) support a critical business process to determine eligibility for UR immigration sponsorship among international students. The UR Department initiates the NSIF by providing basic academic and funding information, which then prompts the student to submit their required details as well. Upon submission of the full NSIF, ISO will review eligibility, solicit additional information as needed, and ultimately issue the requested immigration document. The electronic functions of the NSIF tool promote accuracy, efficiency, and students' responsibility to maintain their status with ISO.

The following resources will support UR Departments in navigating and facilitating the NSIF process:

  • NSIF Department Checklist - Summary & requirements of the overall coordination, prerequisite systems configurations, UR Department forms, and system-driven communications.
  • NSIF Training for UR Admission & Academic Partners (3-8-23) -Presentation materials from ISO's meeting for departmental users, including the video recording and presentation slides.
  • Optional Forms - NSIF Cancellation / Adjusted Arrival Info - Forms to update ISO about changes to intended study. Please note: If new dates are known before a document is issued, form access is restricted; please contact ISO about unlocking the academic program form directly.