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B-1 / B-2 Visitors

B-1 and B-2 nonimmigrant visas are for individuals, from countries for which the United States requires a visa, who wish to enter the United States temporarily for any of the following purposes: for business (B-1) such as consulting with colleague, presenting a lecture, attending a conference, a job interview, or an observership; for pleasure/tourism, medical treatment, or amateur, unpaid participation in musical or sports events (B-2); or a combination of both (B-1/B-2). Visitors for business must be self-supported and may not receive payments for any business conducted, though honoraria may be permitted in certain circumstances. B-1 and B-2 visitors may not engage in employment. Additionally, there are strict requirements on studying in the United States as a visitor.

While B-1 or B-2 visas may be valid up to 10 years, visitors on B-1 or B-2 will only be permitted to stay in the United States for a short duration (maximum 6 months), as granted by US Customs and Border Protection upon arrival. 

Travel Permissions and Required Documentation:

Check current waiting times for interview appointments and visa processing; times vary by location and throughout the year. To check fees and other application requirements, find your US embassy or consulate. There are no dependent categories for B-1 or B-2; typically, any dependents of a B-1 for business would accompany on a B-2 for tourism. Each individual must have their own visa. A B-1 or B-2 visitor should not travel outside the United States while an extension or change of status is pending with USCIS.

  • Passport, valid 6 months into the future
  • B-1 or B-2 visa stamp in passport
  • Letter of purpose or invitation, as appropriate
  • Proof of round-trip travel, as applicable
  • After arrival: valid I-94 record

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