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GLACIER Tax Software

The University of Rochester offers GLACIER tax software to our international students, scholars, and employees.

While using GLACIER is not mandatory, the University will tax you at the maximum withholding rate if you do not submit the information and relevant tax forms requested by GLACIER.

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It is a comprehensive, online tax-compliance system that specializes in tax issues for foreign nationals. GLACIER is:

  • User-friendly and completely web-based, which means you can maintain your account from nearly anywhere
  • A secure and protected network, allowing you to create your user profile and have all your data stored to help file your income tax forms in the future
  • Able to calculate your tax residency status and determine if you are eligible to claim any treaty benefits on your earnings in the US
  • Able to make required tax forms available in electronic format, as needed

Learn more about GLACIER’S capabilities and resources.

How the University Uses GLACIER

The University uses data from GLACIER to ensure tax compliance for all University payments to foreign nationals.

GLACIER communicates the appropriate tax rate to our Payroll Office or Accounts Payable for each individual, and helps the University to make necessary tax withholdings. The money withheld from your paycheck is an estimate of your tax obligation for the year and will be counted as taxes already paid to the government.

Keeping your GLACIER record up-to-date helps the University to make accurate withholdings from your paychecks. This allows you to receive the maximum amount of money throughout the year, while also limiting the chance that you may owe additional taxes year’s end.

Start Using GLACIER

Initial Access

The University’s international populations are automatically enrolled in GLACIER, with the login details and temporary password delivered by email when you arrive on campus.

The program asks you to enter details on your biographical, contact, and immigration information, your time present in the US each year, and any payment relationship with the University.

Login to GLACIER

Individuals who are enrolled to the system can access GLACIER online.

Once logged in, read our step-by-step guide to creating your GLACIER record.