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Personal Items

Access to Funds

You will likely need immediate access to US funds as you get settled in Rochester. The actual amount needed varies greatly based on individual circumstances.  Relevant factors include whether you are living in campus housing, will have access to a University dining plan, are bringing dependent family members, or plan to purchase furniture, a vehicle, etc.  If you open a US bank account when you arrive, there may be some delay in having access to those funds while the account is being set up.  Please plan ahead and bring some funds with you.  When you arrive, you must declare all money to the US Customs and Border Patrol Agent at the Port of Entry.


Packing for Rochester Weather

The weather in Rochester varies substantially throughout the year.  The summer months, from June through much of September, are often very warm and breezy, with daytime temperatures between 70° F and 85° F (21° to 30° C).  During the winter months from November through March, temperatures can drop below 10° F (-12° C), with even lower wind chills and frequent snow accumulations.  Other months are more moderate in temperature.  During the coldest months, you WILL NEED a warm, heavy coat (preferably resistant to wind and water), waterproof boots and gloves.  You can always purchase these items here, if you prefer not to transport them from overseas.  Find out more about Rochester's weather from the Weather Channel.  Additionally, it is worth noting that most American students generally wear informal and comfortable clothing in the classroom (such as: jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, etc.).  Professional attire for scholars, researchers, and other employees tends to vary, but you can ask your department for guidance.



You may want to ship items from your home country, rather than bringing them with you when you travel.  We suggest that you coordinate delivery with your department or have someone ship these items after you arrive and have a specific shipping address.  Unfortunately, the ISO cannot accept or store packages for incoming students, scholars, or visitors.  Be sure to research your local shipping options, including International Parcel Post, to ensure that your packages will clear inspection by US Customs and that you get the fair price for this service.