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GLACIER: Capabilities and Resources

GLACIER Record Support

Support with your GLACIER record is available through the GLACIER Support Center.

This resource is operated by tax professionals, software engineers, and IT staff who can answer questions you have about the software.

For questions about GLACIER access, residency calculations, and other technical or tax-related issues, email GLACIER Support at

For questions regarding University payments, forms, or specific tax withholdings, email the University’s Non-Resident Alien Tax Specialist at

Determine Your Tax Residency Category

GLACIER can determine whether you are considered a Resident Alien or a Non-Resident Alien for tax purposes. This determination is based on your immigration status, immigration history, and time present in the United States.

Access your Tax Summary after completing your record to check your residency status.

Get Your Tax Summary and Required Forms

GLACIER offers PDF version of your Tax Summary and required tax forms through your record.

These documents should be printed, signed, and mailed to the University Payroll Office when you first create your record and again each time there is a change. Copies of your immigration documents should also be updated when necessary

Required tax forms vary greatly and will not be the same for everyone.

Prepare Your Federal Income Taxes with GLACIER

Non-Resident Aliens

GLACIER Tax Prep is a companion software program that prepares federal tax forms for foreign nationals taxed as Non-Resident Aliens, as determined through your GLACIER record.

The tax preparation software is available each year during the tax-filing season (approximately late January through mid-April) and is accessed directly through GLACIER.

You may use GLACIER Tax Prep to prepare and print your forms for mailing, but electronic filing is not possible. State tax forms are not supported through GLACIER and must be prepared separately; however, the software provides links to the state forms you are likely to use.

Resident Aliens

Foreign nationals categorized as Resident Aliens for tax purposes cannot use GLACIER Tax Prep.

Instead, you may use other tax preparation software systems widely available for purchase or access over the internet, or obtain free instructions from the IRS.

While ou may use resources available to US citizens and permanent residents, you may not eligible to take all the same tax credits in your first year in this category.