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Access to GLACIER Tax Prep (GTP) software
for Non-Resident Aliens

This program is free and can help University-sponsored international students & scholars to prepare their 2015 income tax forms. Once the GTP is updated and available, you will be able to access it through GLACIER using your existing UserID and Password. Since most of your information is already stored in the system, the preparation of your Federal tax return should be much easier. State tax forms must be prepared separately, however GTP will provide links to the appropriate state forms you are most likely to need.

Note: If you are Resident Alien for tax purposes, GLACIER Tax Prep will not be relevant for you, but you may use other online tools or software programs available to prepare your tax forms. However, if it is your FIRST YEAR as a Resident Alien or if you received Form 1042-S stating that tax was withheld, most online tools may not be fully compliant with your filing needs. Please consider an appointment with our GTP Assistant.


GLACIER Tax Prep Assistant

If you have questions about using GLACIER Tax Prep (GTP) or on completing the right tax forms, our GTP Tax Assistant is available to assist you! Half-hour appointments to review your tax forms individually can be scheduled by completing our online appointment form. Simple tax questions can also be submitted by email to

Appointments are available most weekday afternoons during the tax season. Limited Saturday appointments and some extended hours may also be available. Most appointments are held at River Campus (200 Morey Hall), but some are also scheduled downtown at the Eastman School of Music (ESM 506). Please use the online form to request an appointment or get more information about this option.

Be sure to bring the following documents & information with you:

  • Your GLACIER ID and Password: It is not sufficient to have them saved on your laptop. You will need to log into GLACIER from an ISO computer. If you have forgotten your login details, please request that they be emailed to you again before your appointment. You may select "Forgot login information?" from the GLACIER website.
  • All Forms W-2, 1099, 1042-S, and any other forms relating to your U.S. income. Most University 1042-S forms can be printed out from GLACIER.
  • Your Passport.
  • The dates that you entered, left, or re-entered the US during 2015
  • Your 2015 Federal & State tax forms, if you filed US income taxes in 2015
  • Your HRMS NetID and password
  • For spouse and/or child who were present in the US during 2015, please bring passport info and dates of entry/exit

Directions to 200 Morey Hall 
From Rush Rhees Library, facing the chapel, Morey Hall is the first building on the right. You will enter on the 3rd floor. Go downstairs from the main doors to the 2nd level and take a left. 



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