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New Student Information Form: Instructions & Required Info

As a new international student to the University of Rochester, the ISO is prepared to assist you in obtaining immigration permission for full-time study at UR and in preparing for your arrival in Rochester. Your next step is to request documentation to apply for the student visa or take other necessary steps to begin your studies here. If you are planning to study under sponsorship from another organization, or are not eligible for F-1 or J-1 status, please find more information on Students in Non-UR Sponsored Categories. Otherwise, please follow the instructions below to request your new F-1 I-20 or J-1 DS-2019.

Required Information for UR Visa Sponsorship

Please complete the requested information on the New Student Information Form as soon as possible. You should TYPE your information in the fields provided and print it, so it is clear and can be easily read. You will need Adobe Reader (version 9 or later) to access the form. Detailed guidance for completing each section of the form is available online:

Requested Immigration Document:
 F-1 vs. J-1 Comparison

Processing Options:
Initial Attendance
Immigration Transfer
Change Immigration Status
Continuing Studies

Other Details:
Biographical Information
Address Requirements
Financial Support
Dependent Information

Submit your Documentation

Once the form is complete, please submit it directly to your admitting department or UR admissions office (by upload, email, fax, or mail - per your school's instructions). You must include supporting documents with the form, including a photocopy of your passport, financial statements, and any current immigration documents, as available and as needed. Do NOT send the form directly to the ISO! Our staff cannot process your request without information directly from the school about your program of study. If you have specific immigration questions about your eligibility for F-1 or J-1 student status, please contact the ISO at For all other questions, including academics and University requirements, please contact your admitting department.

Processing Times

Once your admitting department can verify your academic details in the section for University use, the form will be sent to ISO and the new I-20 or DS-2019 will be issued. Most requests are processed within 2 weeks of being received in the ISO. Inaccurate or missing information and documentation will delay the processing of your I-20 or DS-2019. Additionally, some requests cannot be processed right away, such as documentation for certain Immigration Transfers and Change of Status applicants. Your document(s) will be issued in a timely fashion! The ISO supports all UR international students and our staff will prioritize these requests according to the start date of your program or the likelihood of a visa delay. If additional information is required, we will contact you or your department and postpone processing until the request is complete. Please do NOT contact the ISO to ask about the processing time for your documents, as all requests are completed as quickly as possible and these discussions take time that should be available for processing. Once the I-20 or DS-2019 is available, it will be returned to your admitting department and mailed to you.

Information for Non-UR (Visa) Sponsored Students