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H-1B Fees

Unless otherwise noted, all fees must be paid by the foreign national's hiring department at the University of Rochester. Please may all checks payable to "Department of Homeland Security." Please use a separate check for each fee.

United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS) form I-129 - $460

  • For all H-1B Petitions: new, renewal, amended, portability

Fraud Detection fee - $500

  • For initial H-1B petitions only

USCIS form I-539 - $370

  • For Spouse and Dependents Change of Status or Extension of H-4 status 
  • Only one fee is required regardless of the number of dependents 
  • This fee may be paid by the foreign national

USCIS form I-907 - $1,225

  • For a Request for Premium Processing of H-1B petition 
  • Used only when necessary
  • USCIS will process an H-1B petition within 15 days of receipt, instead of the current 90 to 120 days 
  • Guarantees that USCIS will either approve or deny the case within 15 days, or send a request for additional information